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What reasons should you choose Juvelook and Lenisna over other treatments?

Juvelook & Leninsa quality and safety are approved by CE, KFDA, and Thai FDA. Our patent technology makes our products unique and the safest collagen stimulators.

Who is Juvelook for?

People who want safe and long-term skin rejuvenation effect, regenerate the eye area, and get rid of mesh wrinkles

Who is Lenisna for?

People who want the safe and long-term volumizing effect and no need to massage post-treatment.

How many times the procedure is needed?

3 treatments at 1-month intervals are recommended to maximize and maintain the volumizing effect after the initial procedures. However, the number of treatments may change depending on the indications or skin laxity.

How long does the effect last?

The results gradually appear over a period. For Lenisna, 2 years from the last treatment. For Juvelook, 18 months from the last treatment.